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Max: The Curse of Brotherhood

Combining traditional platforming with stunningly beautiful puzzle play, Max: The Curse of Brotherhood will take you on a cinematic fairy-tale adventure.

When Max wishes for his annoying little brother to be whisked away he gets more than he bargained for… Armed with only his trusty Magic Marker, Max must journey to a hostile and unforgiving world to rescue his kidnapped kid brother, Felix.


Jump, slide and fly your way through a beautiful, mind-bending world in this award-winning, puzzle-platforming adventure.


The island of Kalimba has been cast into darkness by an evil shaman. Your totems must journey from the underworld to the heavens in order to restore light to the land. Rebuild the totem pole to bring back the positive vibes to Kalimba.


In Kalimba, you play two coloured totem pole pieces simultaneously – one on the top half, and one on the bottom half of the screen. Avoid dark pits, deadly spikes and roaming enemies, but remember the totems move together. 

Enter the Mind

Welcome to the mind of a mad professor for an all-you-can-eat eyeball buffet.

Dr. Phluff’s obsession with everything cute has driven him mad, and only you can save him. Tap your way through the layers of the professor’s amazingly twisted mind. Set in a captivating 3D world, odd monsters hide behind every corner. Explore the many creepy layers of Dr. Phluff’s mind from his Paranoia to his Super-Ego and beyond.


Dispatch enemies, collect squishy eyeballs and secret eggs, gain powers and abilities, and compete against your friends.

Enter the Dolphin

After a freak accident, Lemmy ended up inside the mad scientist Dr. Phluff’s body.

Navigate Lemmy’s tentacles with simple tap controls, avoid tricky obstacles and face the odd eyeball creatures. Eat eyeballs to recover from the merciless challenges and tense Boss Fights. Dive into an action packed, top-down platformer with fascinatingly gross 3D-animated Vein, Intestine and Brain levels. 


Enjoy this blast from the past named App Store’s Best “New Ways to Play” of 2012

Max & The Magic Marker - Remastered

One day Max gets a mysterious marker in the mail. The first thing he draws is a monster. When the pen leaves the paper, the monster comes to life and jumps into another drawing. Max draws himself onto the page and the chase begins. An award-winning physics-based puzzle platformer that plays like a classic - but with a twist!

You have a magic marker that lets you draw freehand in the game – everything you draw becomes an interactive object within the game world. Master Max’s extraordinary talent and help him overcome enemies, obstacles and puzzles! 


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About Press Play

Blast from a not-so-distant past

'Press Play' is a series of games originally developed by the legendary studio 'Press Play'.

The games are now property of Flashbulb Games, and we intend to take good care of them. We are re-launching some of those who have been off the market, and bringing some classics to a wider audience on new platforms.

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